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The Republic of Letters would like to publish it! Any of our members are welcome to publish articles, reviews, poems, short stories, flash fiction, book excerpts, writing advice, research, recommendations, and, of course, flights of inspiration. (For examples, please read the RoL Review before submitting.)

*We are always accepting submissions for RoL Review.*

If you would like to submit a piece of writing for us to consider at RoL Review, please send an email to :: RoLReview@rolnfp.org.

All the rights from the work published on RoL Review stay with the author. Republications from your personal blog, or other publications with permission, are allowed. We will link to all the appropriate places.

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Read a local author’s book and loved it? Write a review! Reviews are our favorite. Authors live for good reviews, and a recommendation from a real person in their community means all the more. Consider purchasing and reviewing any of the books in our shop. If you do, we will not only publish your piece, but for every review (around 500 words), as we advertise your review, we will advertise a work of your choosing as well. This is a great deal for authors looking to grow their audience as well as support their local writing community.

We understand that we’re not going to love every book we read, but we prefer positive reviews. We’re not against negative reviews per se, but try to be nice. We are a small, friendly community, not your cutthroat graduate roundtable.

There’s room at the table for everyone.

A great way to grow your audience!

Whether you write commercial fiction or mommy blogs, writing for RoL Review is a great way to grow your audience. We cannot offer monetary payment at this time, but all local authors that review another local author, will receive free advertisement space on our platforms. It both helps get your name out there and makes our community stronger. An organization is only as strong as its members. We would like to help you achieve your writing successes anyway we can. If you have other ideas, please send us an email.

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