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The Republic of Letters is a nonprofit organization committed to helping local writers get involved in their local writing community. We want to help you connect with other local writers, and ultimately, local readers, with real people. We offer a variety of classes, events, and discussions groups, as well as marketing opportunities to get your work out there. And now, with our registry, local readers and bookclubs can search local authors easily by genre, author, and reviews. Support local, read local. Join The Republic of Letters and together we will help you get your writing out there.

We are a 501c3, please consider a donation, or shop our online store for our authors’ collective works and help us support them.

The Republic of Letters is a Writing Community. We’re here to help people write, discuss, critique, sell, and love their work.

We offer writing classes, discussion groups, and writing workshops.

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A quarterly reading series held at Water Street Studios in Batavia. Submit to become a featured reader at Waterline Writers and a chance to showcase, perform, and celebrate your latest and best work.

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We aspire to be a great hub for all things literary arts throughout the Fox Valley area.

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Register with The Republic of Letters and we offer opportunities to promote your works, papers, and books on all of our platforms. 

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We’ve compiled what we can to help you navigate the wild world of writing. From conception to publication, and everything before, after, and in between.

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The Republic of Letters now ONLY sells local authors’ books. We sell them online from our store and pop-ups around town. Purchase from us and you are directly supporting the local writing community, especially its authors.

Submit a piece of writing for our RoL Review! We love to feature local authors! Our review is chock-full of writing tips and bits of inspiration from all sorts of authors around town. Sift through our categories, get inspired, write!

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The Republic of Letters now offers one on one writing sessions to children interested in writing a book.

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To be a writer you only need to write.

Stories define who we are, writing helps shape who that is.

For those who write for fun, and for those who tell us writing has saved their life, we’re here for you.

The Republic of Letters is here for all things writing.

📸 :: Cover image courtesy of the Art Institute of Chicago. French Anteroom of the Empire Period, c. 1810. Mrs. James Ward Thorne. One of her enchanting miniature rooms.

:: All other images taken by Ronald Chase and used thanks to the Chase Image Bank.

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